8 Week Shred

Everybody has different goals, everyone’s body is different. So it makes sense that to reach an individual goal you need an individual plan?

 Working with us in your journey, whether its weight loss or muscle gain, we will help you with the psychological factors, lifestyle and mindset associated with it.


8 week shred

What is the 8 Week Shred?

It is a health, fitness and wellbeing programme tailored to you and your goals/lifestyle. 

We will:

  • Work out all of your calories/macros
  • Design you a tailored workout routine
  • Motivate you and set challenges for you throughout
  • Add you to a private WhatsApp group chat along with others on the same journey for motivation and support. 

The shred is a very easy to follow plan, designed to give you the knowledge about health, fitness and wellness which will help you change your lifestyle for the better without going back to Yo-Yo dieting. We’ll be there every step of the way to motivate you, and to help keep you on track. 

The plan is also very flexibile and can be easily fitted in around your current lifestyle, only minor changes will be needed.

    We can’t wait to get started on this journey with you. Just get in touch and ask about the 8 Week Shred. 

    8 week shred
    8 week shred