A fantastic post went onto Totally Transformed’s Facebook page recently which really struck something up with me! It said that “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!” and until this post went up, the only shapes I was aiming for was skinny or as my friend put it to me, lollipop shape! It didn’t occur to me that I can still be beautiful even if I am not a size 0. So in previous blog posts I have talked about wanting to be able to hide behind a lamppost, this is not the case anymore. My new goal is to have a healthy body image with a healthy lifestyle and a dress size in which I will feel confident and beautiful when I go away on holiday in September.

So since my last blog I went public! So from now on I will be writing my blogs under my name rather than Denise’s. Now when I say I went public, I’ve never made it a secret that I have been having treatments done and I have often posted in my own stories while I am lying on the treatment bed. I am also fully aware that my progress photos have been featured on Totally Transformed’s Facebook page and Instagram page more than once. However, my name has never been on there! So in the last two weeks, I finally shared a post on my own Facebook and let my friends and family see my transformation and the huge change in my body shape so far. Its taken four and a half long months to get to the point where I felt empowered and confident enough to “go public”.

Reflection time

Before I started with Totally Transformed, I knew I was big and I was embarrassed about my body, I knew I wanted to do something to make myself feel more like me again, but looking in the mirror, I couldn’t see how big I was. It wasn’t until I saw that initial before photo that made me realise that I had let my eating get out of control. With Denise’s support, guidance and encouragement, I am turning this around. I’ve had more than one “snaccident” and I don’t expect that to change overnight. Habits are hard to break! But looking at that progress photo and putting it against the original photo I can see how far I have come and I am now forward thinking to how I want to look.

Changing Body Shapes
Body shape has massively changed for the better.

My self-confidence is growing and the positive feedback, love and support I have received from staff, family and friends is just spurring me on to keep going.

Treatment Update

So my treatment update, for the past two weeks. Firstly I had my 6th session of Cavitation with Shockwave. Yes, we went back to being battered to help with fat metabolising. After this session, I have decided to give my tummy a rest from treatments for a while and move to different parts of my body. So this week I had another fat freeze, this time on my under bra fat on my back. Fat freezing for me is a relaxing treatment. With the exception of the cold membrane being placed on my skin. After this initial shock though its pleasant. 5 minutes in and the area is completely numb so the only thing to do is to talk about the soaps with Denise and take selfies (with the filters on of course)!

What’s next?

Totally Transformed’s diary is getting very very busy! I was concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to have my usual appointment so in between my 247 trips to the loo with all of the water I am drinking following the fat freeze, I have been onto Denise’s booking app and I have booked my next 4 or 5 appointments. I love this new booking system, I like the control of being able to do it myself!

Next week, I have my slot booked out for another session of fat freezing (taking advantage of the buy one session get one free offer that runs out at the end of Feb) but this time for the lower back fat.

I can’t wait to update you all again on my progress and remember, body shapes are different for everyone, do not let yours define you!