The Big Day Bundle

shockwave therapy for cellulite

Your wedding day is the most special day of your lives.

If you’re a groom or a bride to be and want to slim down and look amazing on your special day, our Big Day Bundle is the ideal preparation.

We’ll carry out the treatments over 6 – 9 sessions in the build up to your wedding. Lay back, relax and lose inches!

What you get:

  • Belly Blaster fat freeze on the abdomen and hips
  • Five fat loss treatments on an area of your choice
  • Three Ultimate Facials to boost collagen and glow up

Your big day bundle is tailored to you.

Once you have had your Belly Blaster fat freeze on your abdomen and hips. You can then choose wherever you feel your fat loss treatments are most needed. This is your big day and your big day bundle. After your five fat loss treatments, we’ll treat you to three ultimate facials to give that ultimate collagen boost and skin glow for those all important photographs.