You hear the term ‘obesity’ all over the place these days. Obesity is measured by BMI (Body Mass Index), calculated using weight and height. I used to say to people that I looked bigger because I’m short! Being under 5 ft 2 ins, nobody could say that I am gifted in the height department.

I used to say to people that if I was a few inches taller, my body weight would be distributed more evenly. The fact of the matter is though, for my weight at the beginning of this journey, I would have to be 6 ft 10 ins tall to be within the normal range.

Its the 3rd week of my takeover on the Totally Transformed blog. This week has been full of ups and downs in my personal life, events that normally would lead me straight for the chocolate aisle in the supermarket. The fact that I have managed to stay on plan and not run for my biggest trigger food is nothing short of a miracle. Or maybe I’ve found some willpower from somewhere?

Selective focus of a tape measure
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

Calorie counting!

I’ve been using an app on my phone to count calories daily. Some days I have been eating my 1700 daily calories and other days I have had calories left over. I’ve found it really refreshing being on a restricted calorie diet. I have been trying new foods, foods that I wouldn’t normally bother trying because there were always alternatives (usually of the high calorie, high fat variety). My Acti-Fry has never seen so much action!

A friend sent me the recipe for salt and chilli chicken, one of my favourite foods from the Chinese takeaway! It was so tasty, definitely something I will be making again! It’s going to be my mission to find more recipes for my Acti-Fry, maybe look at finding some healthier alternatives to the foods I used to love eating before starting this journey!

Fried Chicken with dip
Photo by Léo Roza on Unsplash

My appointment this week.

My Progress this week!

I’ve had a couple of people comment on my changing body shape this week! It made me so motivated to keep going (maybe this is what kept me away from the chocolate?) I’ve lost a total of 6.5lbs in the time I have been working with Denise, which I am super happy about! I am still drinking at least 3 litres of water per day, and I have been promised that my bladder will get the memo soon that this is the new normal. My daily exercise has quadrupled running up and down the stairs to go to the loo every hour.

Despite everything that has gone on this week, I feel that my transformation goal has kept me focused. Focused to stay strong with food, focused to keep drinking all of the water and focused to look at the end result. I keep seeing Denise posting on Facebook about clients who have lost 10-15 inches overall and I am determined that this will be me in the near future!

So this week I begged Denise to measure me again! Measuring my progress wasn’t as easy this week, mainly because the points at which she’d measured me at previously had moved further down (as my fat is being metabolised) so officially I’ve lost another inch (7 inches in total) however I feel like it might be more due to the fact my clothes are fitting me better than they ever have and that people are starting to notice the difference now!

Unfortunately, we forgot to take photos this week, mainly because I was too excited looking at all the new facial products, I will be treating myself to one of these soon

Facial Kits
Ooooh shiny new facials


So today, I had Cavitation and 10,000 shocks of Shockwave! Cavitation, still amazingly relaxing, lovely little fat massage! However Shockwave this week was a little less relaxing. It was a bit more brutal this week (think meat tenderising hammer), but the good news is, it hurt more because there is less fat for the headpiece to bash!

Denise delivering a treatment
The lovely Denise

What comes next?

I’ve got my next appointment booked. Another session of Cavitation and Shockwave. We’re playing each appointment by the change in my body shape. My treatment plan is completely bespoke to me. Denise told me that every single body is different so no treatment plan is the same for everyone! We may do some Body HIFU later on, there may be another fat freeze in my future. But for now, Cavitation is my current treatment of choice. I can’t wait to see what my next treatment session brings!! I’m sticking with my 1700 calories per day! Its time to kick obesity where it hurts!