Its been just over a week since my first appointment at Totally Transformed and today I had appointment two!

The week so far!

I have had a really good week. I had the courage to stand on the scales (and then nearly fall backwards off them) for the first time in months. As of Wednesday 2nd October 2019, I am officially the heaviest I have EVER been! In the ten minutes after standing on those scales, I was gutted! Gutted that I had let my snacking and overeating get so far. I decided that I would use my calorie counting app to count up the calories that I would have on any normal day (up until about 2 weeks ago when I made the decision to take control)!

3500 calories!! 3500 calories per day! The recommended daily allowance for a woman is 2000 calories! Prior to getting my act together, I was consuming 175% of the daily recommended calories. So its no wonder I was heading to be the size of a small hippopotamus.

My triggers

I’ve been doing some thinking in between appointments too. Everyone I spoken to about weight & inch loss have told me that there is a certain food they have to avoid to stop themselves slipping back into old ways or a certain time of day they find difficult. For me, my trigger food has been and always will be chocolate. I am a self confessed chocoholic and could (and have done) eat the stuff morning, noon and night. My trigger times are evenings, after 7 pm when my toddler has gone down for the night, its the time when I get my exercise walking to and from the fridge to see if anything has magically appeared!

Avoiding those triggers

Well the first thing I have done, is rid the house of chocolate. If its not there then I can’t eat it! I now keep myself busy after my toddler has gone to bed. I catch up on work, housework, meal prep for the following day, anything to stop my mind wandering to what I can have to eat. I know that as time goes on, the habit of eating at night will be broken, I just have to stay focused on the goal!

So, how have I felt this week?

Last Friday was my work night out, we were going for food and drinks and I have to admit, the thought of it made me panic. I couldn’t bare the thought of going over my daily calories. So I sent Denise a message and asked her for some advice. She told me to go out, enjoy myself and get back on plan on Saturday. I am so grateful for her advice as it meant I could go out and actually enjoy myself.

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

I have religiously been drinking my 3 (sometimes more) litres of water per day and with the exception of Friday, I averaged around 1500 calories per day. I feel a lot more awake and a lot more motivated to stay on plan. I am making better choices with my food and I have even cut down my coffee intake from around 10-12 cups a day to 3 or 4 cups.

My Progress so far…

So today, I went to have my second session, a session of Cavitation and Shockwave. Denise did my measurements again after last weeks session and I have lost a total of 6 inches from last weeks measurements. I am absolutely over the moon! I had the courage to stand on the scales for the second time today and I have lost a massive 5lbs!!

I can see some slight differences but 6 inches!! I am so so happy!

Today’s Appointment.

From my initial consultation, my previous treatment 360 Cryolipolysis was the best starting treatment on my inch loss plan, however it isn’t recommended to treat the same area again until 12 weeks have elapsed. So, Denise recommended a course of Cavitation with Shockwave.

Cavitation uses low frequency ultrasound waves which produces a pressure that fat cells cannot withstand. The fat cells then disintegrate into a liquid state and flush through the body using the vascular and lymphatic system.

Cavitation in action!

I found the Cavitation so relaxing. You hear a buzzing sound in your own ears (the ultrasound energy pulsing into your cells) but it honestly feels like a little massage for your fat!

Shockwave, well I don’t know what I was expecting (actually I do, I was expecting little electric shocks ha!) but its actually just like a little pnuematic drill tapping your fat. I had 6000 taps of the shockwave. Initially I got a bit of a shock (get it!) at first when it started but it was no where near what I expected it to be! After my 6 inch loss from last week I am so excited to see how much goes next week!

What comes next?

Well next week I am having another session of Cavitation and Shockwave again! I actually can’t wait and I have made the lovely Denise promise to do my measurements every week! But for now… I am off to meal plan for the rest of the week 🙂