Its been a while since I wrote a blog post. I just wanted to write a little update on my inch loss to let everyone who has been reading my posts know what has been happening and how I have been getting on in the weeks since my last post.

Since I last updated you all I have been to see Denise at Totally Transformed a couple of times for treatments. I had the last session of my course of Cavitation and Shockwave first.

Cavitation & Shockwave Session

I’ve said this so many times now, but I actually enjoy this treatment, the buzz in your ears is so relaxing! Its like the white noise I used to play for my daughter when she was a tiny baby. If it wasn’t for chatting with Denise, I’d probably fall asleep during it. Even Shockwave wasn’t so bad this time.

shockwave for skin tightening.
Shockwave for skin tightening

I didn’t get measured this week but I did step on the scales and I have lost a total of 11lbs. I am over the moon with this. I have had comments from people about how well I am looking too. All of this is a massive boost to my confidence.

Getting Sociable

I went out this week. Not just out, with the car, drinking soft drinks. I actually went out out! I drank alcohol! I bought a new outfit for the occasion! Something I normally wouldn’t have even looked at. I went into the shop, picked them up, paid for them and when I got home I tried them on!

I bought the size I normally would buy and instead of them being skin tight and uncomfortable, I felt nice! They fit me well (truth be told, they were actually quite roomy!) and I felt so comfortable and confident in them!

I found a photograph of myself from September 2018 at a wedding and compared it to my outfit from my night out and I feel like I can really see a difference in myself. My inch loss is visible now.

Comparison from September 2018 to November 2019

Belly Buster

During the early weeks of December, I opted to be a model for Denise for her brand new Belly Buster package. At the point of my belly buster appointment, I had already lost a massive 16 inches from my abdomen.

Denise did my measurements during this appointments and because my inch loss has been so huge, accurate measurements are now impossible because the measurement points have moved so much on my abdomen. So from now on, before and after photos will be my point of reference in how amazing this treatment is.

My waist is reappearing and my overhang has moved up!

The belly buster package consists of up to 8 x 360 fat freezing heads over a 3 hour session. I had all 8 fat freezing heads on, due to the amount of fat I still have. The journey for what I deem to be the body I want is a long one because at the point of starting, I was the biggest I have ever been!

Belly Buster in progress

I’ve had fat freezing done before, its not an unpleasant experience (until the last 5 minutes when the LEDs start the massage).

The Belly Buster process can take up to 12 weeks for the real results to show so I plan to update you on the progress from this before I start my next course of treatment which we will be deciding next week, hopefully using Denise’s awesome new 4D Sculpt machine and I can’t wait!

My diet and water intake

This body of mine, it just isn’t getting the message that 2 litres of water per day is now normal and I am still running to the loo lots! I have slipped up a couple of days but I have ensured each day that I haven’t quite managed my full intake that I have drank at least 1 litre!

Diet wise – I am still being quite strict but maybe not as strict as I was in the beginning. I am more aware of the added calories that people may not think about when cooking, such as the amount of oil I use. I am trying to stay away from oil and use a low calorie cooking spray when possible.

I text Denise in a panic when I really fancied a chow mein from the Chinese one Friday night. Denise said it was fine and I shouldn’t deprive myself if I have been good the rest of the week, which I had. The 1/3 of a carton of chow mein I had was so satisfying and really stopped me thinking about unhealthy foods.

Staying Motivated!

We’re now in the festive season. During this time, I will have my daughter’s 2nd Birthday, my 35th Birthday and Christmas to contend with. I have resigned myself that during at least 2 of these 3 occasions I am not going to think about the calories consumed and just enjoy the days. If I am strong and make healthier choices during the rest of the festive period, I can enjoy those days unrestricted.

I know what I am like, if I restrict myself and fall off the wagon once, I will be on a month long fatty and calorific food binge and end up in the same position as I was in October and all of this hard work will have been for nothing!

What’s next for treatments?

Treatments wise, I am excited for the introduction of the brand new 4D Sculpt machine. During my weekly sessions, we have been chatting about its functionality and getting excited for it arriving from the manufacturer. We are yet to discuss my next step for treatments. I am on a cavitation break as recommended by Denise. We are giving my body a rest and a chance to catch up with metabolising the fat. We will be getting back to the inch loss journey in the week commencing 6th January. I can’t wait!

I hope you all have an incredible (and healthy) Christmas and are ready to make 2020, the year of the new you!