Losing weight is just one of those things most people are trying to do at some point in their life. Whether its for an occasion, to fit into an outfit or like me, its just a general part of life. But if there is anything I have learned in the past 6 weeks, weight is just a number but inches are what shows when you look in the mirror.

Over the first 5 weeks, I have found myself 8lbs lighter and 12 inches smaller and this is boosting my confidence so much. Not so much the 8lbs but the 12 inches! Proving my point in earlier blog posts, that losing weight and weight loss is just a number.

I’ve been thinking ahead. My birthday and my works Christmas night out both fall on the same night and for this night out, which I have decided I will be having a drink, I want something really nice to wear. I want something which I normally would just scroll past on websites when looking at clothes. I want something which isn’t me and more importantly, I don’t want to buy it in my current dress size.

This Week

Well, this week, I have been a bit bad with food and by bad with food, I don’t mean that I have gone back to pre -Totally Transformed diet where anything goes. But Halloween and my daughters mammoth Trick or Treat stash has proven to be difficult to ignore. I’ve found myself picking at things too. Like when my daughter leaves a fish finger or a chicken nugget (like a whole one that she hasn’t licked – she’s quite a fan of just licking her food at the minute! Kids are weird!) and I am taking her plate into the kitchen, its just finding its way to my mouth. However, even though I have been into the sweeties and snacking on rogue fish fingers, I have documented every single food and drink item that have passed my lips and counted the calories as normal. I have stayed within my calories mostly, with only a couple of days where I have gone over by a small number of calories. I did more walking this week, my car went in for its MOT so I had to walk from the garage with the buggy. I also did an enormous number of steps (well enormous for me anyway) on Halloween when I, along with my partner , brother and sister in law, took the kids trick or treating.

Aside from the sweets, I’ve been quite strong! I’ve been through McDonald’s drive thru twice and not bought anything for myself!

I made a chicken curry this week which I packed full of veggies, using the curry paste from the butchers, Maysan Mild Curry paste. Low in calories, paired with rice and it was so tasty. My daughter loves this curry too, so its one of those meals I can make for the whole family.

My appointment this week

fat freezing the love handles
Fat Freezing my sides

I had my appointment this week on a Thursday instead of my usual Tuesday. This week I had another 360 Fat Freezing session, but this time focused on my sides. During the past 5 weeks, Denise and I have both noticed that one of my sides is noticeably bigger than the others and the fat freeze is to help to even this out.

The vacuum from the fat freezing head grabbed onto my bigger side on contact with it. It made me laugh at the time as it was almost as if it was saying “give me that fat, I want it”. This week’s treatment was strange to say the least. When I had the fat freezing on my stomach, the treatment heads just sat there and did their thing. This time because they were hanging off my sides I felt like everything was being dragged towards them. It wasn’t painful, after the first 5 or 6 minutes the area was completely numb and I couldn’t feel a thing. I spent this time updating my Instagram and Facebook story with my treatment and then taking over Totally Transformed’s Instagram Story and Facebook Story by sharing it there too.

Just chilling and enjoying my treatment

As with the last fat freezing treatment I had done, the last 5 minutes were the worst. Once those LEDs started up, the tingling started and I just couldn’t concentrate on anything but the pre-pins and needles sensation in my sides. Denise tried having a conversation with me, seriously couldn’t even tell you what she said during those last 5 minutes. It doesn’t hurt, its just a very unnerving experience.

Denise didn’t measure me this week, she knew that if the tape measure was visible, I’d want measuring again so she didn’t have it out! We didn’t take any “after photos” either. I want to wait a couple of weeks to give my recent cavitation sessions and most recent fat freeze time to show visible results.

Next Week

I will be having my appointment on my usual Tuesday and we will be doing Cavitation again but we will be trying a different form of skin tightening this week, 3D Dermology. Denise showed me the Dermology roller head and it looks like it would just roll over your skin! Except it also has a vacuum which grabs loose skin as it goes. I think its going to be like a weird round rolling pin with vacuum action so I am looking forward to seeing what its like. According to previous clients of Denise, this treatment is even less pleasant than being battered by Shockwave, so I will be updating you all on how it was. If its painful, we will be stopping and going back to being battered again.

I’ve set myself a goal, a more short term goal than the Zara jeans (which I can get past my bum and the waistband sits on my actual waist now, I can’t by any stretch of the imagination even get them close to fastening but its a small win). I’ve set myself a goal of going from being now comfortable in a size 18 (instead of squeezing myself in to an 18 in a refusal to admit I was actually nearer a size 20) to being comfortably in a size 16. I have 6 weeks to drop a dress size. So make sure you are checking back, this goal is out there now! I have no choice but to give it my all, as I feel accountable to everyone who is following on and reading my progress.

I’ll be back to update you all again on Tuesday evening and you never know I might cave and be measured again. Its always good for me to see how well I am doing in inch loss rather than weight loss. Remember losing weight is nothing until you see those results in the mirror, in how you feel and in your growing confidence.