Yeah okay, so I know its February but is it ever to late to say Happy New Year! Now the January blues are over, I hope everyone enjoyed the festive season. Are you ready for a New Year New Me overhaul? I said in my last blog that I was going to be good over Christmas and allow myself off plan for one or two days. Well… that plan went well and truly out of the window as I spent two and a half weeks being a little pig in a blanket – usually soaked in rum. Remarkably, I only gained 4 lbs in weight and when I was measured today I only gained 1 and a half inches in circumference. After my inch loss throughout the past few months, I can live with that! I have been a happy, chubby little bear after all.

However, even after New Year, even after telling myself that 1st January arrived it was time to be good, I just haven’t been able to get back into the swing of things. In fact, it took me until 10th January to decide enough was enough!

10th January

Today, I had my first appointment of 2020 with Denise and it was an exciting appointment. I had two treatments done!

Now before Christmas, I modelled for Denise on her training on her new machine. This new machine is awesome! There are so many functions on this machine which now means that Denise is offering non-surgical lip plumping! So obviously I had to get amongst some of that!

The other treatment I had done was the Ultrasound Cavitation Inch Loss and Skin Tightening using the new 4D Sculpt machine. This machine does all of this in one! No more Chinese burns from Dermology and no more being battered with Shockwave! Hallelujah!

I’m not brave enough to show any before and after photos yet as my current status is back to beginning of December and I think I need time to work on this again.

Picking back up again today! 4th February

I started writing this blog on 10th January, didn’t finish the post, forgot about it and I am just coming back to it today to talk about Non-Surgical Lip Plumping and my progress.

So Non-Surgical Lip Plumping. Its awesome. Now I wouldn’t say that I have particular small lips! My darling younger brother has called me big bad bottom lip for as long as I can remember. However I have always felt that my upper lip lacks definition. I’ve thought about fillers in the past, but I’m not the biggest fan of needles, or pain and I didn’t fancy looking like I could be stuck to a window like a suction cup, so its always been a passing thought.

The lip plumping consists of a gel being placed on your lips and the smallest RF head being passed over your lips in a circular motion. Its painless and with the exception of having to pout for 10 minutes and getting the gel creeping up my nose every now and again, its a pleasant experience.

The treatment protocol is to have the treatment done every two weeks until you have completed a course of 6 treatments! I’ve had 3 treatments and I am so happy with the definition in my lips!

Lips Before and After


Progress is starting to slow down, we’ve estimated that I have lost around 3 and a half more inches since Christmas however, since the points where I am being measured have moved so dramatically, we cannot get accurate measurements anymore. I have lost a total of a stone in weight (bear in mind the 4 I put on at Christmas) since starting this journey with Denise. I haven’t quite dropped into the next dress size comfortably yet, I can get into the next size down but breathing is a little bit of a strain.

When I started this blog back in January, I didn’t want to share any before/after photos because I felt that the extra weight didn’t need to be seen but I am totally over myself now. So… the first photo is from way back in October 2019 and the second one is last week. I can see and feel a massive difference and I hope you can too.

Before and After
No where near where I want to be, but these treatments work!

I’m going to get a bit slushy now! I would not be at this point if it wasn’t for Denise and Sarah at Totally Transformed! I cannot thank them enough for their support and encouragement! I have a long way to go but I can see how much of a difference it is continuing to make to my shape.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another update on my progress on my lip plumping and on my quest to be able to hide behind lampposts!