If there was ever an award for being too hard on yourself. I’m not even going to lie, I would probably be in the running for winning it. As a result, my self-confidence is always being battered. I’ve spent the last 6/7 weeks building myself up, using this blog as a bit of therapy where I have been telling you all about my struggles and how I tick when it comes to food and health. This week, I honestly don’t know what happened, I have had moments where I am super upbeat and my self-confidence is high. I have had moments where I want to bake cookies and sit in the corner of my kitchen with the door closed (so I don’t have to share them) and eat every single one! I have also had moments when food has been the last thing on my mind. I feel like I have been on the good old roller coaster this week and I am hoping I can get off it soon and just keep going.

PMT has raged in pretty badly. I suffer horrendous mood swings with PMT and normally I can shut the angry girl inside me up with a shipment of Phish Food but I’ve just had to let her rage on!

What have I been up to this week?

This week has been busy! Well since my last appointment, I don’t feel like I have really stopped. I went straight to work on Thursday afternoon, after my appointment. I spent most of Friday and Saturday in flat packed hell. Lugging stuff up and down my stairs (on my own by the way!) and keeping my almost 2 year old from swinging hammers around – plastering walls is expensive!

Toddlers and Flat Packed Helll
Baby Builder – she can’t fix it!

McDonalds decided to offer their Big Mac for 99p for one day only. That was the ultimate test of my willpower! I did end up having a Big Mac meal on Friday evening though, however this was counted within my calories as I was busy all day and didn’t really think about food until later on.

I feel like every couple of weeks, I seem to discover a new food, or a different way to cook food, or even learn how to cook something in the first place and it blows my mind! It always seems to be something that when I mention it to my friends they are like how have you never heard about that or how did you not know how to cook it? This week was porridge. I always said, I didn’t like the texture of porridge, however it turns out if its made properly and isn’t really sloppy, I really like the stuff. My favourite is the Quaker Oats Golden Syrup one with reduced sugar jam. I’ve noticed its keeping me full for longer too meaning I can actually get from breakfast to lunch without opening and closing the fridge door multiple times wondering if anything has magically appeared in the 10 minutes since I last looked.

My Appointment Today

I was really excited for my appointment this evening. I’ve had the 360 Fat Freeze already twice, I’ve had Cavitation and Shockwave multiple times. This week was different. The appointment started like any other would! Measurement and photographs, I was absolutely blown away by my measurements again! Another 3.5 inch loss which takes my total inch loss to 15.5 inches in just 7 weeks!

I’ve decided not to do another side by side comparison until next week. Looking from last week to this week, my self confidence is taking a battering because I can’t see the difference. But I need to remember that fat freezing results are not visible until at least 4-6 weeks so week on week, the difference is never going to be huge.

Today’s treatments

Cavitation, was absolutely beautiful as always, like a little warm massage with bee’s buzzing in my ears. I could actually lie there forever with this treatment. Its just so relaxing.

3D Dermology – now in my last blog I mentioned that past clients of Denise’s have said it isn’t pleasant and I have to be honest, I am not entirely sure what I thought it was going to be. I knew the Dermology head had a vacuum suction and some rollers on there. I thought it might be a bit like my fat being pulled up and then rolled out, you know… a bit like kneading dough.

Oh how wrong was I?

3D Dermology – inspired by playground torture games

The only way I can describe Dermology is by taking you back to school. To when you were in the playground and one of the mean idiot kids came up, grabbed your arm and twisted your skin in opposite directions. In my primary school, we called them Chinese burns but I don’t know if that is their actual name!

I was actually twisting away from the Dermology head at times in a bid to try and get away from it. So… I won’t be bothering with that skin tightening treatment anymore. There is a reason why Denise doesn’t really promote the service.

Having said that! Despite the skin being a bit tender, I came away from this appointment 4 hours ago and my stomach feels firmer already.

Next Week?

I am pleased to report that I will not be putting myself through anything as stressful and strenuous as building furniture. I’ve got a pretty busy week at work and I have planned all of our meals already. We’re having a variety of foods next week including a curry and mince and dumplings. When it comes to actual meals, I am trying to ensure that as long as they are balanced and fit within my daily calories, I can have it.

We’re going back to Cavitation and Shockwave next week! Hopefully, my self confidence will be boosted again and I will be willing to share a progress photo again!