All about me – The Client

I am choosing to remain anonymous for now. Its a confidence thing! So why have I chosen to start a body transformation with Totally Transformed?

When I was younger, I was a size 8! I didn’t think about the clothes I was wearing, if I liked it, I wore it! Then after a lifetime of high intensity exercise, I suddenly found myself doing nothing! I went from a size 8 to a 10, then to a 12 and before I knew it I was in my 30’s, a size 18, pregnant and suffering with gestational diabetes. Due to the diet I had to follow during pregnancy, I ended up only gaining 13lbs and 6lb of that was baby!

Like every new mum, we tell ourselves we’re going to work hard to lose the baby weight but its hard! You barely get a minute to yourself and you have to eat what you can grab. As the months went on and motherhood got easier, I joined a well known slimming group. I was so good that first week. I stuck to the plan, wrote EVERY SINGLE THING I ate and drank down. Stepped on the scales the following week and nothing. No weight loss whatsoever. I was so disheartened and soon gave up!

Making excuses!

I told myself that I couldn’t lose weight because of my under active thyroid and I couldn’t exercise and go to the gym because I have bad knees. However, in reality, my thyroid has been managed by medication and has been stable for the past 9 years and there are alternative ways to exercise than just going to the gym.

The old me! – My official before photos.

Why now?

Looking through my family holiday photos and all of the other photos I have from recent years, I can see in my face how uncomfortable I feel. I tell people all the time that I don’t care about my weight but that is just to stop the constant stream of diet recommendations and exercise regimes to follow. I ate for comfort and boredom.

Then I found Denise and Totally Transformed. I’ve read her posts, researched her treatments and saw before and after photos which really excited me. I am under no illusions that Denise’s treatments are quick fixes and I do have to commit myself to a lifestyle change but I feel now that I am at a point in my life where I am ready to just get on with it and do it.

The run up to the appointment

I finally contacted Denise last week and she squeezed me in for an appointment today! Discussing with Denise how I should prepare for this appointment, I started watching my calorie intake and drinking more water. In the 4 days leading up to the appointment, I have restricted my calorie intake to 1800 per day and choosing more filling options than the empty calories I am used to. I have upped my water intake to at least 3 litres everyday.

The appointment

After a very comprehensive consultation, we decided on a course of different treatments which started tonight with 360 Cryolipolysis (the official term). It is essentially fat freezing but instead of just two cooling plates, the cooling plate goes all the way around the head allowing freezing of a larger surface area.

Denise took my measurements today, took some photographs and I lay on the treatment bed. Denise placed a white, wet and cold sheet over the treatment areas to protect my skin from the cooling plates (pictured below) and then placed the treatment heads over the areas and switched them on.

First cooling plate is on!

I don’t know what I was expecting if I am honest, but the sensation of my fat being pulled into the machine was very strange. It felt like my fat was being pulled upwards (which in actual fact, it was!) It then started to get very cold. After around 6 minutes into the treatment, I couldn’t actually feel anything, the whole area was numb and so for the remainder of the treatment time, I just lay there, playing on my phone, enjoying the peace and quiet.

Both Treatment heads on

With the exception of the last 5 minutes, where I felt a tingling sensation in the areas being treated, I enjoyed it! At the end, Denise cleaned the gel left over from the skin protection pads off and that was the end of the appointment.

What happens now?

I am so excited to be booked in next week for another treatment. We will be trying cavitation on my stomach this time and I will be updating you all with the progress then!

Note from Totally Transformed: This blog (although published by Denise) was written by a client. This client has chosen to remain anonymous at this point in time.