The hardest part of this journey so far has not been living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve adapted to it fairly quickly and when I am at home, I have been finding new ways to cook, healthier options to my usual favourites and I have been enjoying cooking new foods. The hardest part, by far, has been the temptation of unhealthy foods while I am out and about and visiting people.

I will admit, I have struggled to keep up with drinking my 3 litres of water per day this week. Partly because my bladder is still not coping well with the increased intake of water and partly because I have been so busy with work, its been the last thing on my mind. However all is not lost. Its been a great week overall!

Nanna and her incredible treasure trove of treats!

The biggest issue I have when it comes to temptation is visiting my nanna. My nanna has the best selection of treats known to man and she loves to see people enjoying their favourites. I can guarantee I will be presented with a slice of battenburg when I go to see her. Not ideal but I do try and fit it into my daily calories, if I go over my daily calories, I reduce my intake the following day.

This Week

Last week during my appointment, I had a session of Cavitation and then 3D Dermology for skin tightening. The tenderness from the Chinese burn 3D Dermology lasted a few days. My stomach felt hard for a good couple of days but unfortunately the pain was absolutely not worth it. I will not be having this treatment ever again!

So this week has been really good in terms of how I have felt about myself. First of all, my mam noticed the difference in the size of my belly. She actually told me to stop breathing in so much so she could see it properly and she didn’t believe me when I said that I was actually standing there normally.

Bought a new jumper dress in the sale. They only had a size down from what I would normally buy but I got it anyway because it was stretchy and I thought ‘oh well it will be alright in a couple of weeks when I am at the lower end of my current size/top end of the next size down’. I tried it on when I got home to see how much I needed to lose to get into it properly. So as you can imagine, I was stunned when I saw in the mirror that it actually fits. It does show a few lumps and bumps but it doesn’t look or feel horrendous. Again, this was a huge boost to my self-confidence.

The changes I have noticed in myself…

For me, this journey is not just about the physical changes. Its about the mental changes, the change in attitude and energy levels.

I feel like my whole attitude to food has changed. Now I am not saying that I am cured of my obsession with chocolate. I will always be a chocoholic at heart! However, before my first appointment, I would have eaten a king-size snickers without even thinking about it! Now I can’t get over the fact that this snickers bar’s total calories is equivalent to a full meal. I just can’t justify wasting the calories now. I feel like I can still eat what I want to, moderation is the key to success on this one.

I’ve got a lot more energy these days. I’m spending more and more time dancing with my toddler and swinging her around in time to the music. We’re also enjoying going places together without using her pushchair. She’s loving being allowed the freedom of walking around. I don’t mean that we go on daily hikes, far from it! But I can be confident in allowing her to walk around the shops without her pushchair. I feel that I can now chase her if she decides that she fancies having a lick of a candle in Home Bargains (yes, she’s done this before, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, she’s weird) or is legging it down the aisles to lust over the Peppa Pig toys. She is a lot happier and more willing to come into the shops with me (previously she’d get to the door in her buggy and be shouting no no no, because lets face it, shopping without being able to actually explore and look at things is no fun whatsoever, especially when you’re not yet 2.)

Looking forward!

I’m starting to get excited about going out socially and drinking alcohol at social occasions again. If you have read any of the previous blog posts, you will know that this has been something I have avoided, to stay in absolute control of who I see and how I carry myself. However this weekend, I will be volunteering at a charity event. I’ve already picked out what I am wearing. I first wore this dress on my 30th Birthday. I’ve worn it once since, when my daughter was 4 months old and it was so tight, I felt like if I breathed out too hard it would rip. But amazingly, it fits now and its flattering to my new and improving shape. I will probably still crack out the shape wear, but that will me needing some kind of security blanket than anything else. I’ll be sure to post a photograph of the dress next week.

I have found myself looking at lots of different clothes websites now. I’m looking at websites which don’t stock my size and I am visualising how I could look in them instead of feeling defeated and reverting to my usual plus size sites, feeling down about it and cheering myself up with a share bag of Maltesers (that I have never in my life shared!).

My knees are suffering with the change in the weather, which is to be expected with osteoarthritis, but not anywhere near what they were last year when I was first told I needed a full knee replacement which is really encouraging.

My Appointment this week!

Well prior to my appointment, I decided to do what I have not done for weeks. I stepped on the scales. I was in shock when I looked at the display and saw that I had lost 9.5 lbs! I weighed myself another 3 or 4 times just to make sure!

Week 8 progress

As always, I was measured too! Another half an inch from the middle of my abdomen area taking my total inch loss to 16 inches. I am absolutely over the moon. I know that this is a small loss in comparison to weeks 1 and 2, but like every weight/inch loss journey, it comes off quicker in the beginning and slows down. I am fine with this. The steadier it comes off, the more chance I have of keeping it off.

This week, we went back to Cavitation and Shockwave skin tightening. In comparison to the torture of last week, Shockwave was quite enjoyable!

Being Battered with Shockwave

I’m annoyed at myself!

I’ve come to realise a fair few things this week. Starting with being extremely annoyed at myself. I am annoyed for taking so long to actually have the courage to face my battles with an unhealthy lifestyle and resist temptations sooner. I may never have been at risk of, nor suffered from gestational diabetes during pregnancy if I wasn’t so overweight!

I was always going to need a knee replacement at some point, I’ve had osteoarthritis in both knees for a long time. But I feel that the rate of progression may never have been so quick if I’d done something about it in the first place.

Despite being annoyed at myself, I’ve not felt this positive about my improving body in such a long time. I never really knew how much being overweight has affected me until I started making the changes, moving towards a healthy lifestyle. I don’t miss the unhealthy me one bit. I am less stressed, I have more energy and I am certainly less ‘hangry’ because the calories I am consuming are no longer empty and instead are offering more in the way of sustenance to my body.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

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