Say whatever you want but you weight affects your life! No matter whether you are an ideal weight or are skinny or overweight we’ve all been judged. We all see celebrities on the TV, online and in magazine and judge ourselves against what we see to be the “perfect body”. However nobody is completely perfect. Everybody has hangups about their body. Some people wish they had bigger/smaller boobs, smaller/bigger bum, less cellulite, firmer skin. In an ideal world, I would wake up tomorrow and have the figure of Jessica Rabbit. But being realistic now, she’s a cartoon character and unless I turn into a drawing overnight, hard work and my Totally Transformed treatments will have to do.

The aim of this “game”

My aim throughout this journey is to understand myself. I want to understand how I got to the weight and size I was 5 weeks ago. Without doing this, I know when my treatments come to an end I will just revert back to “old me” and end up bigger again.

Search your heart, Search your Soul

Okay! So this week I have been doing a little bit more soul searching (again!). I’ve been thinking about how being overweight has affected my life overall. I also bet everyone over the age of 30 sang Bryan Adams when they read that subheading too!

When I was younger, probably between the ages of 18-22, I was out all of the time. I wore whatever I wanted, went wherever I wanted and from what I can remember, I generally had a good time. Nowadays I find myself going to great lengths to avoid social occasions. I’ll find an excuse to be the designated driver! I avoid getting drunk at all costs in public places (I mean bars and clubs here, I’m a bit old for street corners!)

I don’t like being drunk because it’s way harder to think quickly and avoid people who knew me when I wasn’t so big. There is nothing worse than seeing someone recognise you and then look you up and down. I can almost hear the cogs ticking while they try and work out how this person could let themselves get so big in comparison to what they used to be.

Get that camera out of my face

I have very few “full length” photographs of myself from recent years. I avoid them like the plague. I hate them! Looking at photographs of myself turns me into a style critic, if there is a fault I will find it. My hair may have been amazing on that day, the eyebrows may have been on point! But my eye is drawn to the bingo wings, the lumps and bumps and I will convince myself that its the only thing people see when they look at me.

Back in Black

I did a little sort through of my wardrobe this week too, deciding which clothes can be vacuum packed away until next Summer. 80% of my wardrobe is dark colours, mainly black! The remaining 20% is bright and bold prints. Clothing which is designed to hide a multitude of sins.

Photo by Tobias van Schneider on Unsplash
Photo by Tobias van Schneider on Unsplash

Food this week

I’m still all about the baked potato! They’re just so versatile! I did a bit of research on them too and there are so many nutrients and vitamins in the skin! I’ve been craving Chinese food too so made a “Fake-away” at the weekend! We had chicken fried rice made with a low calorie cooking spray instead of oil and salt and chilli sweet potato chips made in the Actifry! If you are a fan of salt and chilli from the takeaway then I urge you to try these! They’re incredible!

My Actifry Pinterest board is stacking up nicely too, I have a bank of healthy recipes on there to liven up my healthy eating. If you would like a link to the Pinterest board, please just visit the Totally Transformed Facebook page, send a message and Denise will send it over to you.

I’ve actually been so well behaved food wise this week and I just want to get on and change my life for the better!

Goal Update

So, last week I told you all about my faithful amazing most favourite pair of jeans! I was so excited that I could breathe in them without the zip heading south for the winter! Fast forward to this week when I am dancing about the kitchen with my toddler, catch the belt loop on a cupboard handle and rip a hole in them. What an ordeal! My favourite jeans are no more!

The Zara jeans still don’t fit! Not that I was expecting them to, they’re really a really small fitting pair of jeans!

Dresses for work are back and I no longer fight to keep the tights up! Now that is progress!

I’ve still not been on the scales and I don’t really want to get on them! I think they make me obsess over a number which really doesn’t mean anything to me or my self confidence.

I’m still drinking on average 3 litres of water everyday! My body is slow in catching on that this is the new normal, toilet visits are not showing any signs of slowing. It’s fun (HA)!

Appointment time!

Week on week progress
Progress week by week

I’ve been back today for appointment number 5. Again, I tried to resist the urge to be measured but I just couldn’t help it! I am over the moon to say there was another 2 inch loss this week which takes my total inch loss to 12 inches in just 5 weeks!! This week I had Cavitation again, I love this treatment, minus the buzzing in your ears, it is so relaxing. Then I had Shockwave, the treatment affectionately referred to by me as the “fat batter”. Today’s Shockwave was focused to skin tightening.

When I look at the very first week, to this week the difference is now so noticeable! I can see my overhang shrinking up and my tummy flattening overall! Weight is just a number. Real Results are the ones visible!

Week One vs Week 5
Week One vs. Week Five

Next Week

I am taking my cues from Denise, she is the expert in all things body contouring! Denise is giving my tummy a rest next week and I will be having Cryolipolysis (fat freeze) done, I believe this will be on my sides/hips? I can’t remember! I am still too excited about my 12 inch loss!