Treating Bingo Wings

bingo wings

If the thought of baring your upper arms in short sleeved tops and strappy dresses fills you with horror; then you are not alone. As many as 75% of women feel self-conscious about their bingo wings.

Bingo wings develop not only from excess weight but also due to the aging process, as your skin becomes looser and develops a crepey appearance.

If you are looking for ways to treat your bingo wings without going under the knife, then you may be surprised to know that there are highly effective, non-surgical procedures that can help treat your upper arms.

With our range of treatments, we can effectively help to reduce upper arm fat, as well as improve the texture and tightness of the skin

Factors to Consider

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As you age, your skin becomes looser and this can result in the wobble or movement that you can see and feel when you wave your arms. The appearance of crepey skin is normally more visible on the front and inside of the arm, around the bicep area.

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If you are carrying excess weight, this can encourage the lay down of fat tissue on the upper arms. For many women, this is more pronounced around the underarm and triceps area but can also develop on the front of the bicep and around the shoulder joint.

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Cellulite or dimpling on the upper arms is mostly caused by the female hormone Oestrogen or the menopause. Also, as you age the skin becomes thinner, so the dimples are more prominent.

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We recommend following an effective weight loss and exercise program to help keep you trim but most likely you may find your bingo wings are still a concern. In fact, skin laxity will not be affected by any type of exercise. Also, one thing to note is that the more sun exposure your arms have the faster they will lose their elasticity.

Treatments for Bingo Wings



HIFU Fat Reduction allows us to intelligently reduce different fat layers on the upper arms. With this versatile treatment, we can target the fronts or backs of the arms, around the shoulder area and even the Axillary area (armpit). HIFU is the only fat reduction treatment that also tightens the skin. In most cases only one treatment is required.

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Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing treatments can painlessly and effectively target stubborn fat to help reduce arm fat. We recommend up to 3 sessions for the best results.

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Radio Frequency Skin Tightening enables us to tighten the skin on the upper arms by stimulating the production of collagen. This heat treatment also helps to improve the texture and smoothness of the skin as well as reduce the dimpling caused by cellulite. A course of 8 treatments is recommended for optimal results.