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Who are Totally Transformed and what are we all about?

There is no worse feeling than coming to someone with a problem and walking away feeling even worse than you did before! We want everyone who walks through our door to feel comfortable about themselves, around us and about the treatments that they are having. We understand that baring your body and discussing your body hang-ups is a private matter and we will always be completely free of judgement. We’ve been there and we believe that we are all beautiful. Totally Transformed are committed to helping clients see the best in themselves and to become the best version of themselves

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Who will you meet?

Our clinic is family owned and ran by mother and daughter team Denise and Sarah.

Both of us know first hand the struggles people have with their body shape and since we’ve experienced them ourselves, we know how hard it is to make the change.

What will your Consultation entail?

During your consultation, we will discuss your goals.

Whether it be changing your body shape, tightening the skin or a non surgical facelift, we will discuss

  • Your medical history – some of our treatments have contraindications and so we need to know if any of our treatments could harm your health
  • Current Medications – As certain medications can affect your results, we like to be realistic with our clients.
  • Expectations of treatments – we’re completely realistic and will never give you an unrealistic expectations of what our treatments will do.
  • Suitability for treatments – Contraindications aren’t the only thing that stands in the way. Sometimes we know in our experienced and professional opinion that a treatment a client wants, just won’t work in the way they’re expecting. We will tell you this and we will suggest the best alternative

Our clients health and wellness come first, we’re results driven and not money driven.

We only use the best technology and products across our luxury clinic with featured brands including:

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