Treating Jowls


Jowls are the nickname for the areas of sagging skin that develop over the jawline. This occurs as part of the aging process and they become more prominent from the mid to late 40s.

The fat pads in our cheeks slip down towards the jawline and at the same time, your skin loses its elasticity and firmness. This leads to jowls forming caused by a loss of structure in the skin.

Lifestyle Factors to Consider


Natural Ageing

As your facial structure changes, levels of Elastin decline and Collagen production slows down, our skin is less able to snap back onto the contours of the face. This allows gravity to take over and for your cheeks to sag and blur your jawline, becoming ‘Jowls’.


Early onset of jowls can be attributed to a heredity link, if your parents have them, you are more than likely to develop them.

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Smoking stops oxygen and essential nutrients from reaching the skin, leaving it dehydrated. This, in turn, will make the appearance of lax skin more apparent.


UV Exposure

Sun exposure is known to be one of the main causes of accelerated aging. Sun exposure depletes the levels of collagen you can produce and breaks down its effectiveness. This leads to a loss of structure and speeds up the formation of Jowls.


Weight Loss

When we are carrying more weight, our faces can appear firmer and more ‘plump’. Loss of weight can lead to loss of volume in your face and cause the loose skin, that has been overstretched, to sag and form Jowls.

Treatments for Jowls


HIFU uses ultrasound to target the deeper structures of the skin. By causing a controlled thermal injury, deep into the SMAAS and dermis, it kick-starts the body’s healing response. This increases the levels of collagen in the skin, leading to a gentle lifting and tightening of the skin, especially around the jawline. In most cases only one treatment is required with results lasting up to 24 months.


Fat Freezing can be applied to the chin and jawline to help reduce fat tissue in this area which can help to define the jawline and achieve a more sculpted side profile.


The first and only device to simultaneously combine radio frequency & ultrasound to tighten skin and address body concerns from head to toe