Here at Totally Transformed, we pride ourselves on being non-surgical fat loss specialists. But as a business we are so much more. Our values are way more important to us than the technology we harness.

Ethics, Honesty and Integrity are the three most important values we hold here at Totally Transformed. We are extremely proud of what we do and how we conduct our business!

You will never see or hear us putting the work of other salons down in order to further our own agenda and build our client lists, to get people through the door. You will never see us making unfounded claims about the technology used by other clinics to make ours look better.

We won’t talk about how you won’t get certain things at other clinics either. Instead we will always focus on what you WILL get when booking a treatment with us!

⭐ You will always receive a top class, highly specialised and friendly service from trained and insured staff 

⭐ You will always receive aftercare advice designed to get you the best out of your treatment, from facials and skin peels all the way up to our specialised fat loss and body sculpting treatments.

⭐ We work hard to keep our overheads costs low whilst maintaining this high quality service in order to offer our treatments at extremely competitive prices.

⭐ Clients will be given a range of payment options including spreading the cost of their treatment package with FCA regulated finance provider Payl8r. We also offer a pre-payment option using PayPal (contact us or send us a message on Facebook for more information)

⭐ Treatments we carry out will be done using highly specialised, properly maintained machines obtained from either 3D Lipo themselves or other industry recognised reputable suppliers!

⭐️ A full consultation will be carried out either in a separate appointment or at the beginning of your treatment. This appointment will always cover any medical problems you might have, assess your suitability for treatment and will help to track your progress with us.

We know we aren’t the only clinic in the North East, but we’re proud of our achievements as a non-surgical body sculpting and beauty business and our clients, who travel from all over the North East (and sometimes further) to visit us will vouch for the service they receive!