HIFU – High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (often shortened to HIFU) can lift and tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the tone of your skin. These results can last 3-5 years.

How does HIFU work?

HIFU targets the layers of skin which sit just below the surface. It targets these layers (including the muscle layer) at the right energy causing the temperature of the skin and muscle cells to heat up rapidly to tighten, lift and smooth the face.

Using this focused ultrasound energy deep into the skin layers promotes the body’s collagen production for skin cell repair, which in turn lifts and tightens the skin

Does the treatment hurt?

Pain is subjective and determining whether HIFU is painful is often down to the individual client and their pain threshold. Having said that, a lot of our clients do not report any pain at all with this procedure, whereas others report feeling a slight stinging or prickling sensation. This is normal due to the high-intensity electrical pulses emitted by our machine.

When can I expect results?

A difference can often be seen straight after the treatment. Some clients report fine lines reduced with full results continuing up to 3-6 months as the body produces collagen to repair the skin cells.

BTL Exilis – The gold standard in Mono Polar Radio Frequency technology

Radio Frequency (often referred to as RF) is a tissue-tightening procedure that uses monopolar radio frequency energy to send heat into the epidermal skin layers.  This stimulates collagen and elastin production which tightens sagging skin, smooths out wrinkles and triggers the skin’s natural wound-healing response. The Exilis Ultra 360 is the highest standard in brand names for this technology.  

How does BTL Exilis work?

The hand-held device uses a bulk heating method across bigger areas to tighten sagging skin, smooth out wrinkles, and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Not only does RF provide visible skin-tightening benefits from immediate collagen contraction, but it also provides long-term anti-ageing benefits by triggering the skin’s wound healing response and encouraging cell regeneration. Thus giving the overall appearance of the skin a firmer, plumper and overall more youthful look. Monopolar RF technology can also help the look of the skin by shrinking enlarged pores, and even improving skin conditions like acne.

Does the treatment hurt?

Monopolar RF technology should not hurt. The treatment handpiece delivers heat energy into the targeted layers of the skin and so the most that you should feel is the treated area warming up. However, as mentioned before, pain is subjective and should you ever feel discomfort during a session of Exilis RF, you should always let us know about it so we can make it more comfortable for you.  

When can I expect results?

Results from the BTL Exilis Ultra 360 are long-lasting. The treatment is recommended in a course as the results improve week on week. Clients report seeing an improvement in the depth of their lines and wrinkles from the first session.

But why combine the two technologies?

Whilst it seems that HIFU and BTL Exilis have the same overall goal, the two technologies serve different purposes and work at different depths in the skin layers. Combining the two technologies together gives an overall more dramatic and longer-lasting result.

Because HIFU works at a lower depth, it acts as the scaffold, creating space and smoothing ready for the Monopolar RF to plump the skin out from within the skin layers.  

The Ultimate Facelift

The Ultimate Facelift from Totally Transformed combines the two top-of-the-range technologies to create the ultimate top-of-the-range facelift treatment for our clients. To book the Ultimate Facelift please visit our appointments booking system here