It’s no secret that the colder months of the year play havoc with your skin. Colder temperatures and low humidity can result in the air around us being a lot drier. Dry air can in turn draw moisture away from your skin. Add in harsh windy conditions and you are looking at dry and damaged layers of skin cells. Totally Transformed have the solution with our brand new machines, the 3D HydrO2Facial and the Dermalux LED system.

What is the 3D HydrO2Facial?

The HydrO2 Facial is the ultimate five-star facial system. Its advanced multi-technology treats anti-ageing, congested skin, and dull or pigmented skin. The HydrO2Facial provides hydration, oxygenation, anti-ageing, brightening and skin tightening. Combining these technologies results in brighter, glowing and more youthful-looking skin.

So what are the technologies?

Hydro-peel and Deep Cleanse

This uses AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids) solutions to cleanse and smooth the skin, and improve bacteria and inflamed skin. A third solution leaves the skin feeling nourished and hydrated


This creates ‘the Bohr effect.’ The Bohr Effect causes the skin tissues to release more oxygen when carbon dioxide levels rise. This helps deliver oxygen to the skin tissues. Using active ingredients Kojic acid and Retinol results in a hydrating and brightening effect on the skin.


This process helps to break down the molecules of the product and encourage maximum absorption which will allow intense hydration of the skin. Using oxygen with this method slows down cell metabolism which prevents premature ageing of the skin cells and brightens the skin. As some bacteria cannot survive with oxygen, this method also creates an antibacterial effect having a positive impact on skin congestion and pores.

Skin Lifting

Using electroporation, more product is absorbed deeper into the skin cells. This helps to wake up dull and lifeless skin.

Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency technology in the HydrO2Facial is used to increase collagen production in mature skin making the HydrO2Facial the ideal solution for anti-ageing.


Ultrasound technology infuses the professional skin care products we use with this facial and is perfect for anti-ageing and hydration around the areas where fine lines and wrinkles are likely to appear. We know from experience that this is usually around the eyes and mouth.

Fire and Ice

Fire refers to the heating technologies used during the HydrO2Facial. The ‘Fire’ element opens the pores and increases blood supply to the skin which is optimum for absorption of the professional skincare range of products used. At the end of the HydrO2Facial, the cryo element is used. The ‘Ice’ cooling technology chills the skin back down to decrease the blood supply, close the cleared-out pores and seal in the infused products. Using this combination of fire and ice also reduces redness after your treatment leaving you with glowing, brighter, plumped and hydrated skin. Thus giving you a more youthful and clear complexion.

Am I suitable and what is the aftercare?

As long as you are over the age of 18 and do not suffer from any of the medical contraindications of this treatment, you are suitable. Medical contraindications include pregnancy/breastfeeding, infection/inflammation of the treatment site including herpetic outbreaks, an impaired immune system or undergoing treatment for cancer, and allergy to any of the ingredients of the facial or sensitive/irritable skin. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your concerns.

 The HydrO2Facial is suitable for all skin types and skin concerns due to the adaptability of the technologies we can use. Whilst there is no formal aftercare for this treatment, wearing SPF 30+ just makes good sense. Our skin is subjected to harmful UV rays whether it’s hot and sunny or cold and miserable. So wearing an SPF daily helps to protect your skin. We are also able to recommend skincare products after your appointment with us which will help you to prolong and maintain your HydrO2Facial results.

The Dermalux LED Flex MD

Dermalux LED phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment. It uses clinically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair processes. Without pain or downtime. When used in conjunction with the HydrO2Facial System, the clinically proven red, blue and near-infrared wavelengths can enhance the boost of collagen production. It calms redness and irritated skin and even blitz blemish-causing bacteria even further.

The Dermalux LED Flex is the perfect complementing treatment to finish off a HydrO2Facia. Used together its skin-boosting benefits without causing any damage to the skin work well together.

How do I book in for a HydrO2Facial?

We’re taking bookings now ready for mid-October 2022 when we launch the five-star facial within our clinic. If you would like to get booked for this luxurious treatment at our introductory price. Please get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram. You can even check our availability and book your appointment on our booking system.