Have you noticed a change in your belly as you’re approaching the big 50?

Don’t worry! This is a completely natural process that every woman experiences at some point.

As you get older, you may notice that your periods are becoming more sporadic or shorter than before.

This is an indication that you’re approaching menopause. This is a natural part of aging and can cause many changes to your body. This could include weight gain around your midsection which is sometimes referred to as the ‘menopausal belly.’

What is a menopausal belly

The levels of oestrogen in your body drop rapidly when approaching menopause. Simultaneously, the levels of androgen increase which can lead to a hormonal imbalance. This can cause weight gain.

Research has shown that the average weight gain of women going through menopause is around 5 pounds.

It’s natural for your shape to potentially change during and after menopause. Fat on your buttocks and thighs may migrate to your belly.

Ways of managing a menopausal belly


You may be able to reduce menopausal bloat by adjusting the way you eat.

A diet rich in fibre and antioxidants can help decrease the oxidative stress your body experiences during menopause.

Foods that have antioxidant properties include:

  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • Kale
  • Dark Chocolate

Additionally, drinking as much water as possible can help your body flush out toxins and stay hydrated.


Energy levels can decrease during menopause, and this may make you lose motivation to exercise. However, staying active can make a big difference in shifting weight from places you do not want it to go.

You do not have to undergo an intense workout. A walk outside can get your heart rate up or even a yoga class can help.

Non-surgical treatment – Fat Freezing

Also known by its technological name, Cryolipolysis, Fat Freezing is clinically proven to break down fat cells, resulting in a 20-40% reduction of body fat in the areas treated without damaging the surrounding tissues, and is 3 times more effective than traditional fat freezing.

Best for stubborn pockets of fat. 360 Fat Freezing is a unique non-invasive treatment using a combination of electro and cryo therapy and the cooling plate goes all the way around the handpiece.

Using the Fat Freezing handpiece, this creates a vacuum that draws the fat into the handpiece. This localised area within the handpiece is then frozen, causing 20% – 40% of the fat cells in that area to die.

Many clients lose several inches after the completion of their treatments.

Better yet, being a non-invasive treatment means Fat Freezing requires no downtime. This means you can go about your daily life as normal straight after treatment!

How we can help

Here at Totally Transformed, we use high-quality technologies. These provide some of the most advanced treatments of their type in the fight against targeted fat reduction, cellulite, and skin tightening.

We understand that bearing your body and discussing your body hang-ups is a private matter and we will always be completely free of judgement.

We’ve been there and we believe that we are all beautiful. Totally Transformed is committed to helping clients see the best in themselves and to become the best version of themselves.

Before every treatment, we will undergo a thorough consultation with each of our clients. As a result, we want our clients to feel comfortable about themselves, around us, and about the treatments that they are having.

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